To live or to collect? That is the question…

New country, new continent, new people, new job. Three months have already passed by, so fast that I can hardly believe it.
I clearly remember my first weekend here, invited to crash   birthday beach party by an Italian girl that I had met the day before (national solidarity rules). I arrived too early  (only around 10.30pm…) and did not know anybody there. I began to introduce myself to the people around me, following a well-established set of questions that rarely move away from “whatisyourname, whereareyoufrom, whatdoyoudohere (clearly referring to which UN agency or NGO the person is working for), howlonghaveyoubeenhere, howlongareyougoingtostayhere”. Questions that rarely imply a real interest in the answers, mostly a longer version of “hi, I am X, nice to meet you”. Continue reading


Growing up is hard to do…

All my bags are packed but I’m not sure I’m ready to go…I have been given an allowance of 3 suitcases to pack up my personal effects and move to another continent. In one, I’ve stuffed food and drink -enough pesto sauce to feed a family of Italians for…well, probably about a three days. In another, toiletries, in case there’s a mysterious shortage of deodorant, skin lotion and hair paraphernalia in Africa. And in another some clothes which will be dust and mud-stained beyond recognition within a few weeks. Yes, it’s finally time for me to move out and make a home of my own. Continue reading

Selamat datang ke Singapura*

Chronique d’une enfant d’Afrique en Terre Asiatique #1

“Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings.” — Hodding Carter

J’ai eu la chance de voyager beaucoup, et de vivre dans des pays/villes/quartiers aux antipodes les uns des autres. Edéa, Soa, Yaoundé, Douala, Abidjan, Paris… autant de destinations marquantes que d’étapes déterminantes sur le chemin de ma petite existence. On a toujours des raisons de partir; un engagement à une cause, le plaisir, la curiosité…

Concernant Singapour**, lieu de mon dernier exil temporaire il s’est agit tout d’abord d’un choix de raison. Des raisons académico-professionnelles, la montée de la Chinafrique, les pays émergents el dorados d’aujourd’hui et demain, une jolie ligne sur mon CV, de belles perspectives en somme… Je partais à la conquête d’une place économique pleine de promesse pour la future ex-re-étudiante que je suis! Oui, c’est vrai. Mais l’autre raison de ce départ, la moins glamour, celle qui -je l’avoue en secret- me faisais le plus vibrer en attendant mon prochain décollage était la fuite, tout simplement. Continue reading